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Mists of Pandaria: Playing the Hotbar Game


Over the last week, I’ve spent a decent amount time in Mists of Pandaria plugging along at my 88 Death Knight and 12 Monk. I’ve been having good, if not particularly surprising, fun. I love the painterly quality of Pandaland, hate how Disney playing the starter zone feels, and love how efficient questing is. It’s …

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[GW2] Horizontal Endgame or a Purposeless, Grind-Centric Existence?


I’ve been reading other people’s blogs more than writing on my own recently and one of those posts is about GW2’s horizontal progression over at Professor Beej. He makes a good case for providing progressing out vs progressing up and it leads me to wonder if I’m just not the intended demographic for such a game. …

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Questing in RIFT: Not As Bad As You’ve Heard


RIFT’s questing sucks. I’ve heard this said over and over again. Every time it’s by someone who has played MMOs for the last 3+ years and has completed no less than 50,000 of them. Let’s please keep our objectivity here, because, I’ve got to tell you, RIFT is no worse than any other game out …

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Rewind: So You’ve Decided to Go Casual

The following post was original published here on September 30th, 2009. When the blog turned a year old, I noticed that it was one of the top posts on the site (along with being one of my personal favorites). Except, when I posted it, a lot of you hadn’t discovered us yet.  So, here’s a …

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Guided Experience: How Much Handholding is Too Much Handholding?

Over the course of my last couple years MMO hopping, I’ve noticed a great divide in how some games approach progression. Effectively, your time in a game can be broken down into a series of micro activities and macro activities. Micro activities would be things such as questing, crafting, and exploring the zone you’re in. …

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Full Voicing Might Be a Bust

As a rule, I’m pretty skeptical of full voicework in RPGs. When it’s done right, it can be great and add to the immersion and storytelling. When it’s done wrong, though, it’s the exact opposite and the entire product winds up feeling cheap and under-produced. So, I have my reservations about SW:TOR. The first, and …

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The Multiverse – Episode #12 “Guest Starring: Jon of Drunken Legacy (the Raidisode)

Happy Monday Folks, And you know what that means; another Monday means another Multiverse! We’re up to Episode 12 now and we brought a guest along to join the fun. This week Jon (Maxivik) of the Drunken Legacy guild joined us to talk about raiding. As a long time member and officer in a leading …

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Will Cataclysm Last Long Enough?

Heading into the weekend, I like to leave us with a bit of speculation to mull over. Everyone’s excited for Cataclysm, right? It’s Blizzard’s most ambitious expansion yet and plans to reshape to legacy game we’ve come to know so well. It’s also planning on adding five extra levels to the end game and launch …

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Breaking Free of the End-Game

Unlike a lot of gamers, I really like to level. Questing is fun and seeing that golden ring light up around you character as you ding is satisfying like nothing else I’ve experienced to date. Heck, I liked leveling up before I even knew what questing was. Each new ding was a mark of power. …

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Six reasons I’m excited for Final Fantasy 14 (FFXIV)

I got my PS3 for one main reason: Final Fantasy 14. The funny thing is, when I’ve told people about this, a lot of them think I’m crazy. On friend even asked me if I hated myself that much. Considering the reputation FFXI earned, I’m guess I’m not surprised people would be skeptical. Yet, at …

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