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MMO Radio: Episode 09 – “Wildstar 2013: Lovely, Lovely Pigeons”

Adam is out this week gettin’ hitched, so Gavin Townsley and I hold down the fort! Thankfully, it was a big news week with Wildstar being confirmed for 2013! We break down why this game is worth paying attention to, even for someone like me who tries not to attend! What? I don’t like spoiling …

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Episode 7: Through the Looking Glass (Ft. Gavin Townsley of Massively.com)

Guest Starring: Gavin Townsley of Massively.com! Welcome back to another MMO Radio. We’re proud to present Episode 07 featuring our special guest and close friend, Gavin Townsley. Gavin has been a freelance writer in the games industry for some time and was recently picked up by Massively.com. You might also remember him from our old show, …

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Sad Days… Scott Hartsman Leaves Trion Worlds


I was surprised and dismayed reading Green Armadillo’s 2013 predictions post last night. It seems that Scott Hartsman has departed from Trion Worlds and the executive producer position on RIFT. This is probably the most dismaying news to come out about the game since the scaling back of zone invasions pre-launch. In a statement on …

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MMO Radio Ep 4 – Without Pants

Hello again, podcast faithful! It’s another week and we’re happy to present you with another episode of MMO Radio. We’re pleased to be joined by our friend, guild mate, and blogger colleague, Grimnir, to talk about Big Picture mode and the upcoming “Steam Box” code named Piston. Will this shift in Valve’s focus open up …

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Appreciating My Fellow Bloggers


Today, I’d like to change things up a little bit and express my gratitude towards fellow bloggers that I read regularly. They consistently produce content that is enjoyable to read and from positions of experience, maturity, or at the very least, humor and intrigue. I don’t comment a lot (I read on my iPhone) but …

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The horror of dismissing in space [SWTOR]

It was on the way to an unknown planet that I, your host, killed my entire crew! I must confess a certain, softness in my trepidation before doing it, but then, I only meant to penalize the one for being so mopey. I would have freed you Khem Val, my ol’ buddy, if only you’d given …

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SWTOR PvP: From awesome to pointless to ‘is it patch day yet?’


If you’re not already 50, don’t bother PvPing until next week’s patch. There’s no point. In the last two weeks, enough of the playerbase has hit 50 to make the leveler a moot point in warzones. If you catch a 50 alone, you might have a chance. Might. If there are other players around looking …

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EA-Bioware: Intentionally leaving you out

I’m going to share a thought that may sound like a conspiracy theory but so be it. I think that EA-Bioware is intentionally making the early access process slower than it needs to be. Full disclaimer: No, I’m not in the game yet, but yes, I fully understand and, as a matter of fact, endorse …

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The Multiverse – Season 02 Episode 04 – “Angels with Chainsaws”

Welcome back to another edition of The Multiverse! We start this episode off with a little Warhammer Online, move into angels with chainsaws and LotRO’s fourth anniversary, and Chris gets some guild advice from the man who wrote the book. This was kind of a crazy show. Especially when we answer Massively’s question. We’re also …

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From MMOGs to POGs

Scarybooster had a post up last week that I’m in total agreement with. In it, he talks about why he’s finally decided to leave WoW. Another veteran player leaving the game wouldn’t necessarily warrant its own post but the points Scary raises are worth talking about. I took note of it not because it criticizes …

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