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RIFT blew its first shot, will it blow its second?

I made a silly mistake today and renewed RIFT. I’ve been playing it a lot lately and having fun leveling my rogue through PvP. (Admit it Assassins, we’re overpowered). When I got the email reminding me that until I paid up my characters would be sold into slavery, I didn’t even consider that TOR comes …

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Patch 1.2 Gives RIFT the LotRO Treatment

Hello again, Internets. It’s been too long. I don’t like to go too far into personal details on this blog, so suffice it to say that this last month has been personally trying. I’m hoping things may settle soon, but summer is coming up and I’ll be taking a summer job until next school year. …

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The Multiverse – Season 02 Episode 04 – “Angels with Chainsaws”

Welcome back to another edition of The Multiverse! We start this episode off with a little Warhammer Online, move into angels with chainsaws and LotRO’s fourth anniversary, and Chris gets some guild advice from the man who wrote the book. This was kind of a crazy show. Especially when we answer Massively’s question. We’re also …

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When Cutscenes Go Too Far


I hit level 85 last week and now find myself at the tail end of Uldum, frantically scraping for that last gear point to start heroics. Now, Uldum is a pretty cool zone. It has a neat setting with new character models, fun quests, and memorable characters (Harrison Jones, anyone?). It also features an absolute …

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Where LotRO’s Cash Shop Goes Wrong

This has already been said before, but it’s worth saying again: the problem with F2P is that it encourages developers usher you into a store rather than revise broken mechanics. LotRO is guilty, plain and simple, but let me elaborate. For those of you who don’t play the game, a big part of LotRO’s character …

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Exchanging Server Communities For Game Communities

Green Armadillo had an interesting post up yesterday where he discusses the coming battlegroup merges in WoW. He points out that it’s another step closer to global servers and I couldn’t agree more. One of the cons he mentions, amongst several others, has to do with server communities becoming less meaningful.  My first reaction similar …

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Disassembling Good Quest Design

As I’ve gotten more involved with LotRO again, I’ve started to think more about what makes a good or bad quest. As I mentioned in a previous post, when I first came back I was deep within the reaches of Angmar, what was at one time considered LotRO’s end game. I couldn’t stand the zone …

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LotRO: She’s Kind of Like THAT Ex, Isn’t She?

I’m returning from my mini blog-cation to bring you this sexy, sexy post. Now, back to that shadowy corner by the fire… Take a look at the banner up top. See that burly guy talking about zombies or some such? That, my friends, is a dear old friend of mine born from the lands of …

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What’s In A Main?

Settling on a Name

Grumpy Dorf of Raging Monkeys raised an interesting question recently: what goes into a main character? It’s deceptively simple, really, and I’ve never really thought about it much until now. After reading through the post, however, I couldn’t help but question myself. There is certainly more to each it than which character I happen to …

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