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Tips and Tricks for the FFXIV Newbie (Guide)

Since FFXIV is still so foreign to most of us, I thought it would be a good idea to share our own tips and tricks. Here’s a disorderly list I wrote up this morning. I’m going to compile these into a bigger guide, so please help to make it better! Make sure to spend your …

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[Guide] Practical tips for the Fallen Earth newbie

Hi Everyone, The weekend is upon us again and hopefully you’ve picked up your copy of Fallen Earth and are settling in for a productive trip into the waste land. As I’ve played, I’ve noticed a lot of questions pop up again and again on the help channel so I thought it’d be good to …

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[Guide] How to Lower Your Latency: a Compendium

Introduction: I originally compiled this guide in December of 2008. At the time, I was heavily playing World of Warcraft during a period when latency issues abounded due to Lake Wintergrasp. On top of this, a certain ISP *cough* Comcast *cough* was also causing a lot of issues based on their own internal designs. Yet, …

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