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[GW2] When Story and Class Collide


I’ve tried to roll an Asura thief three times, and I just can’t bring myself to play the character. Why, you might ask? Story. The narrative elements in Guild Wars 2 have effectively barred me from playing a race and class that I would otherwise choose. That sounds harsh, I guess, but it’s true. Let …

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Avoiding the Fun

For the first time in probably three months, I tanked an expert dungeon in RIFT last night. It really wasn’t because I felt like being the stalwart defender or guardian against the night or even leader. No, the real reason is that if I didn’t I might have given up on RIFT entirely. I go …

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Rift NDA Dropped – Here Are The Goods


As you know, I’ve been taking part in the Rift beta events. The long and short of it is this: Rift is a good game, not  immediatelyground breaking, but a fun MMO that will be instantly familiar to anyone who’s played anything post-Everquest. In my opinion, this is the first PvE game that’s actually viable …

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Rift: Social Observation or Close to Home?

Note: This is a cross-post from our new Rift blog, Rift Watchers. Find the original here. As I’ve followed the game, one of the most compelling aspects I’ve found actually has nothing to do with gameplay: it’s the factions. At first glance, it seems like your standard two-sided battle. You have the good guys in …

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LotRO: She’s Kind of Like THAT Ex, Isn’t She?

I’m returning from my mini blog-cation to bring you this sexy, sexy post. Now, back to that shadowy corner by the fire… Take a look at the banner up top. See that burly guy talking about zombies or some such? That, my friends, is a dear old friend of mine born from the lands of …

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What’s In A Main?

Settling on a Name

Grumpy Dorf of Raging Monkeys raised an interesting question recently: what goes into a main character? It’s deceptively simple, really, and I’ve never really thought about it much until now. After reading through the post, however, I couldn’t help but question myself. There is certainly more to each it than which character I happen to …

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Full Voicing Might Be a Bust

As a rule, I’m pretty skeptical of full voicework in RPGs. When it’s done right, it can be great and add to the immersion and storytelling. When it’s done wrong, though, it’s the exact opposite and the entire product winds up feeling cheap and under-produced. So, I have my reservations about SW:TOR. The first, and …

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