Edinburgh Airport Concession Agreement

Edinburgh Airport Concession Agreement: What You Need to Know

Edinburgh Airport is one of the busiest airports in Scotland, catering to millions of passengers each year. In order to provide a seamless travel experience, the airport works with several key partners to offer concessions, such as food and beverage, retail, and car rental services. These partnerships are governed by concession agreements, which outline the terms and conditions under which the concessionaires operate.

The latest Edinburgh Airport concession agreement was signed in 2019, and it will be in effect until 2028. The agreement outlines the airport`s expectations for its concession partners, as well as the partners` responsibilities and obligations. Some of the key provisions of the agreement include:

1. Concessionaire Selection Process: The agreement outlines the selection process for new concessionaires, which is conducted through a competitive bidding process. The airport seeks partners who can provide high-quality products and services to passengers while also maintaining a profitable business.

2. Rent and Revenue Sharing: The concessionaire pays a base rent to the airport, as well as a percentage of their revenue. The revenue-sharing structure is designed to incentivize the concessionaire to maximize sales and provide high-quality service to customers.

3. Operational Requirements: The agreement sets out specific operational requirements for each concessionaire, such as operating hours, staffing levels, and advertising requirements. These requirements ensure that all partners operate in a consistent and professional manner.

4. Customer Experience: The concessionaires are expected to provide a positive customer experience, including offering a wide variety of products and services, maintaining a clean and welcoming environment, and providing excellent customer service.

5. Sustainability: The concessionaires are expected to operate in an environmentally sustainable manner, including reducing waste, conserving energy, and minimizing their carbon footprint.

The Edinburgh Airport concession agreement is an important document that outlines the expectations and obligations of the airport`s concession partners. By working together to provide high-quality services to passengers, the airport and its partners can create a positive travel experience for everyone who passes through Edinburgh Airport.