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  5. WoW’s Drug-Culture — June 25, 2010

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Full Voicing Might Be a Bust

As a rule, I’m pretty skeptical of full voicework in RPGs. When it’s done right, it can be great and add to the immersion and storytelling. When it’s done wrong, though, it’s the exact opposite and the entire product winds up feeling cheap and under-produced. So, I have my reservations about SW:TOR. The first, and …

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Let’s Stop With the Secrecy

While listening to the latest episode of The Instance today, I got to thinking about how secretive the video game industry is. There are always hidden features, little selling points, that they dangle in front of us in a seemingly endless stream. The release of new information is always extremely controlled. I swear, some of …

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Okay Ahune, You Can Take Five

I have a freakish adoration of holiday bosses. Maybe it’s their loot pinata nature. Or maybe it’s the fact that you can only fight them a few days out of the year. Either way, when I heard that the Midsummer Fire Festival was on in WoW, I made a mental promise that I’d get to …

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S.A.R. #6: Exploring the Drug Culture in World of Warcraft

Hey Gang, Another Friday, another SAR. As I mentioned in this morning’s article, this is a special edition of Some Assembly Required. This week, I spend some time talking with a fellow named Burns whose guild and play style are firmly rooted in playing under the influence. I met with Burns on Skype on several …

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WoW’s Drug-Culture

Over the last few years, I’ve had the occasion to talk about a lot of things. One of them I haven’t yet is the prevalence of the drug culture in MMOs. Well, thanks to trade chat, that day has finally come. I see this all the time on my realm. Whether it’s in trade chat …

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But Home is Nowhere

My plans for WoW took an unexpected turn today. As of 6:30PM, my alliance death knight is no longer on the Aegwynn PVP server. As a matter of fact, my death knight is no longer even a member of the Alliance on any server.  That’s right, I went for the full whammy; I pulled up …

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Cataclysm Cutbacks, My Thoughts and Hopes for E3, and Gaming Keyboards

I’ve been pretty busy managing games, work, and hardware upgrades this past week, so I’ve been a little behind on the news. Sorry for the lack of Monday update, but there’s a few big things I’d like to touch on, so let’s get started. Cataclysm Cutbacks Path of the Titans represented one of the most …

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My Thoughts on the Evolution of F2P

The topic of RMT has been huge the last couple of years. When I first started blogging in June of ’08, F2P was almost universally derided by the subscription-game crowd. It was tied with notions of poor quality and a “buy now” herd mentality driven by manipulative game design. I don’t know how true any …

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Content Explosions are Overrated

Ravious writes today asking whether content explosions are still the best way to introduce new content to an MMO. By explosion, he means, of course, the traditional method of delivering large patches every six months. This is the model most AAA MMOs opt for, but, as he points out, there’s a much wider array of …

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The Multiverse – Episode #19 – “In Defense of Gold Buying (and the Point of MMOs)”

Afternoon, gang! Another week, another Multiverse. This episode we discuss the week’s new (LotRO going F2P, MMOs have no point, and more) as well as tackle a very on topic discussion: what is the point of MMOs and what keeps us coming back. Later, Ferrel and I debate about buying gold in MMOs. He thinks …

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