The Multiverse – Episode #12 “Guest Starring: Jon of Drunken Legacy (the Raidisode)

Our first raidisode!

Happy Monday Folks,

And you know what that means; another Monday means another Multiverse! We’re up to Episode 12 now and we brought a guest along to join the fun. This week Jon (Maxivik) of the Drunken Legacy guild joined us to talk about raiding. As a long time member and officer in a leading WoW guild, he knows his stuff and it shows in the discussion. Thanks Jon, for joining us. You’re welcome back any time.

That’s not all though. Since we took a week off, we got to save up on some of the biggest news stories from the time in between. We talk about Derek Smart and Alganon, EA an SW:TOR, and Bill Roper stepping down from Champions. Was he made to step down or was it time for him to move on?

Thanks again for joining us. If you get a moment, we encourage you to participate in the show by dropping us an email or leaving a comment below. And don’t forget how much we love 5-star reviews on iTunes! They melt my pudding. Seriously.

Here are this week’s notes:

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  • Welcome Jon!
  • What have we been playing/where the heck were were last week?


  • News – Derek Smart and the head that’s about to pop, Bill Roper stole our little dog too and leaves Champions, and EA sets RIDICULOUSLY LOW goals for SW:TOR. Come on guys, get some ambition already.
  • Raiding – What is it really, and why are we crazy enough to do it.

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