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Mists of Pandaria: Playing the Hotbar Game


Over the last week, I’ve spent a decent amount time in Mists of Pandaria plugging along at my 88 Death Knight and 12 Monk. I’ve been having good, if not particularly surprising, fun. I love the painterly quality of Pandaland, hate how Disney playing the starter zone feels, and love how efficient questing is. It’s …

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My Thoughts on RIFT 1.10: Unified Factions and PvP Normalization

Via Syp (Justin) at Massively, word came out this week that Trion is planning some big changes with the 1.10 patch. Presumably, this will be the last big patch we get before Storm Legion launches this fall, so we can see this somewhat as paving the way for what’s to come. I think that in …

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Contrasting Viewpoints on GW2’s Endgame

Like many of you, I’m excited for the launch of Guild Wars 2. After taking part in numerous MMO rises and falls, however, I’ve become more guarded than I like to be. Couple that with a need to consume as much content as possible and you can see how I might spoil any surprises GW2 …

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What MMOs Can Learn From Super Meat Boy

This past week has been spent in a single-player haze, entrenched in the annals of Ferelden and Kirkwall, Seacrest County, Croatia, London, and Baja, and perhaps most dedicatedly in Super Meat Land (TM). It’s been a pretty incredible trip — and I’m not exaggerating — made possible in no small part by the 3D Vision, …

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From MMOGs to POGs

Scarybooster had a post up last week that I’m in total agreement with. In it, he talks about why he’s finally decided to leave WoW. Another veteran player leaving the game wouldn’t necessarily warrant its own post but the points Scary raises are worth talking about. I took note of it not because it criticizes …

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Community Spotlight #4: Keen of Keen and Graev’s Gaming Blog


When I first started writing this blog, I had a plan to interview my favorite bloggers. Partly I wanted to do this because it would make for good reading, but mostly it was because I always find myself wanting to ask specific questions of those I read the most. I’ll also often wonder about who …

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Chat’s Not Dead (It’s Just on Time Out)

Welcome to the 5-ma... er, chat graveyard

Wolfshead’s latest post talks about the failing state of chat in MMOs today. Like all of his posts, it’s an enjoyable read and is delivered with all of the experience and eloquence we’ve come to expect from him. In it, he postulates that the current silence dominating 5-mans is an early indicator of MMOs losing …

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Updated Expectations for FFXIV

Beta Nazi - No Game For You!

With open beta registrations still wholly in the dark, I’ve been stalking FFXIV Core all day waiting for an update. Though Square has pretty much said “hold tight” and little else, I’ve found reading the boards to be especially interesting. Up until today,  they were largely dominated by the very optimistic but very uninitiated Final …

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The Multiverse – Episode #23.5: “Can You Hear Me Now?”

Hey guys, Long time no see! I know, it’s been too long, but we’re back. This episode actually demonstrates some of the technological issues we’ve been running into trying out new recorders. Unfortunately, Ferrel echoes throughout; however, the content itself was too good not to share — hence, 23.5 and not 24. We talk about …

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ToC-10 as a Starter Raid Instance

I’ve finally been able to get in on the raiding game in World of Warcraft. Signing up with Chaotic Damnation has been a great decision and I now find myself as one of the guild’s two main tanks for the foreseeable future. The transition into raiding hasn’t been that bad since I’ve raided with PuGs …

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