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Defiance: The PC MMO Totally Unprepared for PC!


I suppose it’s about time I share some of my thoughts on the latest entry to our MMO library, Defiance. My enthusiasm for this game has ebbed and flowed during the PR cycle but never much broke lukewarm. To be honest, I felt like an outlier. When most of the internet seemed to join in …

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[WoW] Once More at the Level Cap: Looking Back at 85-90


Well, I’ve made it again and I am once more at the level cap in World of Warcraft. It took me longer this time than probably any one of their expansions to date, but I’m glad I made it. It may not have happened, in all honesty — I’d already tried and given up once …

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WoW: MoP Jade Forest Review and Other Miscellaney


It’s been a while since my last update, so I thought I’d check in and let you all know where I’m at. My main game has been WoW: MoP lately but I’ve dipped my toe into more than one water, so let’s jump right in. Jade Forest Review While “review” might be a bit overkill, …

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Why GW2 Won’t Replace My Other MMO

Since Guild Wars 2 first began powering up the hype train, people have been claiming that it would revolutionize the MMO genre and replace the games that came before it. Nobody wants to play with yesterday’s toy after all (just ask Slinky). I’m here to tell you that, no, Guild Wars 2 will not be …

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Conquest in RIFT Needs Revision

Map Chaos

I’ve been playing a lot of Conquest (CQ) now that I’ve hit 50 in RIFT. Three faction PvP is a good idea and I’m happy to see Trion taking on the design challenges that come with it. That said, the way that CQ is currently implemented is functional at best. That’s a problem considering that …

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Apathy for the new MMO (or why the blogger hype cycle is a misleading beast)

I really hope this doesn’t come off as too curmudgeonly, but I’m finding it really difficult to get excited for The Secret World. Compounding that “jaded vet” feeling is that the game actually looks pretty neat. Where then blooms the apathy? Could it be, dare I say… the fans? See, this is where I sit. …

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RIFT Versus SW:TOR – An Observation on With It-ness


I find it very interesting that RIFT gets mass appeal for being a game that’s adapted to the times, yet SW:TOR has absolutely not. In fact, I’d say the folks at Bioware pretty much stopped learning right around 2008 with WAR’s warfronts. Few people mention this, despite their being back to back releases (figuratively anyways). …

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On the Verge of Unsubscribing

I sat down with Arkham City (PS3) this weekend and something clicked: When I have time to game, RIFT is hardly ever my first choice anymore. Actually, MMOs in general aren’t my first choice. It might seem trite, but this is the first time in quite a while that I haven’t been “MMO Dedicated” even …

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The Other Side of RIFT’s World Events


Much has been said over how often Trion updates RIFT. We all know that major updates are pretty much a monthly thing. Personally, I love it. It’s earned Trion a lot of my respect that they work on their game so much. (I was tempted to write that they “focus on their game so much” …

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Like a Leper, We Try, Try Again

Dragon quintessence give tartagons green eyes, apparently.

It’s an interesting thing, being limited in what you can play. My motivation to hop into MMOs has dropped to next to nothing, yet my interest in doing so has skyrocketed. When I’d usually be logging on RIFT, I’m instead logging into a match of Call of Duty: Black Ops on my PS3. Inevitably, matches …

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