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MMO Radio Ep 4 – Without Pants

Hello again, podcast faithful! It’s another week and we’re happy to present you with another episode of MMO Radio. We’re pleased to be joined by our friend, guild mate, and blogger colleague, Grimnir, to talk about Big Picture mode and the upcoming “Steam Box” code named Piston. Will this shift in Valve’s focus open up …

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[GW2] Horizontal Endgame or a Purposeless, Grind-Centric Existence?


I’ve been reading other people’s blogs more than writing on my own recently and one of those posts is about GW2’s horizontal progression over at Professor Beej. He makes a good case for providing progressing out vs progressing up and it leads me to wonder if I’m just not the intended demographic for such a game. …

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Appreciating My Fellow Bloggers


Today, I’d like to change things up a little bit and express my gratitude towards fellow bloggers that I read regularly. They consistently produce content that is enjoyable to read and from positions of experience, maturity, or at the very least, humor and intrigue. I don’t comment a lot (I read on my iPhone) but …

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Why You Should Try Darkfall: Unholy Wars


Darkfall is the kind of game that scares new players away, but with the upcoming launch of Unholy Wars, I want to encourage you all to give it a shot. Now I know, I haven’t always been kind to the game, but Darkfall is something I truly feel all players – PvE and PvP alike …

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Every Game is a 3-Monther


Update: Added a bit to my paragraph on subscription games to clarify the point I was trying to make. Keen also has a fair response that acts as a good counter-point. A while back, Keen coined the term “3-monther” in regards to MMOs. It’s apt and pretty darn descriptive of how MMOs players tend to …

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Why GW2 Won’t Replace My Other MMO

Since Guild Wars 2 first began powering up the hype train, people have been claiming that it would revolutionize the MMO genre and replace the games that came before it. Nobody wants to play with yesterday’s toy after all (just ask Slinky). I’m here to tell you that, no, Guild Wars 2 will not be …

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[GW2] When Story and Class Collide


I’ve tried to roll an Asura thief three times, and I just can’t bring myself to play the character. Why, you might ask? Story. The narrative elements in Guild Wars 2 have effectively barred me from playing a race and class that I would otherwise choose. That sounds harsh, I guess, but it’s true. Let …

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A Charr, A Tank: Illusions of a Slow Running Speed


I’ve decided to make my main character a Charr Warrior; what can I say, I’m a cat guy (quiet you dog lovers!). The class is fun, stands up to some damage, and now that I can swap weapons on the fly, dishes out a fair deal too. And what better race for a warrior than …

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Guild Wars 2 First Impressions From a Real Newbie


You know that whole “me posting more” thing? Yeah, GW2 wants wants to end that. That should be a testament to how good I’ve found this game. This past weekend I’ve been able to sink about four hours in and, as you might imagine, I’m extremely impressed with nearly everything I’ve seen. Having gone in …

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GW2: Going in Dark


The day has finally arrived. We stand at the cusp of one of the most anticipated MMO launches since World of Warcraft, and to say that there is a palpable excitement in the air is an understatement. We’ve waited years for Guild Wars 2, many of us on the edge of our seats, gobbling up …

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