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[GW2] Horizontal Endgame or a Purposeless, Grind-Centric Existence?


I’ve been reading other people’s blogs more than writing on my own recently and one of those posts is about GW2’s┬áhorizontal progression over at Professor Beej. He makes a good case for providing progressing out vs progressing up and it leads me to wonder if I’m just not the intended demographic for such a game. …

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Contrasting Viewpoints on GW2’s Endgame

Like many of you, I’m excited for the launch of Guild Wars 2. After taking part in numerous MMO rises and falls, however, I’ve become more guarded than I like to be. Couple that with a need to consume as much content as possible and you can see how I might spoil any surprises GW2 …

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Looking back at the journey, 1-50 [RIFT]


Last night, I stayed up late (and consequently overslept) to finish something I started on just over three months ago. I dinged level 50 in RIFT. This wouldn’t normally be an occasion since most of the world has already been 50 for a month or two, but there’s something we need to understand: It is …

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The Multiverse – Season 02 Episode 06 – “Bone Dragons and Furry Things”

Hey Gang, This episode was a blast to record! Both Adam and I feel that it’s our best one yet. In it, we discuss a multitude of things. Including: The return of SOE! And why Adam and I disagree on the nature of Anonymous. How expert dungeons have changed in RIFT and why you might …

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What MMOs Can Learn From Super Meat Boy

This past week has been spent in a single-player haze, entrenched in the annals of Ferelden and Kirkwall, Seacrest County, Croatia, London, and Baja, and perhaps most dedicatedly in Super Meat Land (TM). It’s been a pretty incredible trip — and I’m not exaggerating — made possible in no small part by the 3D Vision, …

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TOR Might Wind Up a “Clone”– Why Is That Bad, Again?

It’s been interesting to watch how the public interpretation of The Old Republic has changed since it was announced. It went from godsend, to F2P (oh noes!), to godsend, to the current point of “It’s a WoW clone” disappointment. On one hand, I empathize with people that want something new and are tired of the …

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What’s the lasting appeal of Guild Wars?

I’m hoping someone can really answer this for me because I’m at a loss. With more and more excitement building for Guild Wars too, dedicated Guild Wars fans are popping out of the woodwork. That’s great but what exactly does the game offer to the long term player? I’ve tried to get into it several …

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