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The Multiverse – Episode #18: “You are my Cold Sore (featuring Syp)”

Welcome back, everybody, to another episode of The Multiverse. We were happy to be joined by a surprise guest this week, Syp from Bio Break and his new digs at Massively! We covered the week’s news (which lead to some extensive and great conversation), what Syp’s been up to for Massively, and entered into Blog-o-Whirl …

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Breaking Free of the End-Game

Unlike a lot of gamers, I really like to level. Questing is fun and seeing that golden ring light up around you character as you ding is satisfying like nothing else I’ve experienced to date. Heck, I liked leveling up before I even knew what questing was. Each new ding was a mark of power. …

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The LotRO Experiment: Preparing to conquer the hurdles

When I decided to stop playing Aion until the US version launches, I found myself a little unsure of where to go in the meantime. Not to long ago, however, Ferrel from Epic Slant invited me to join his guild Sodality in LotRO if I decided to give it another shot. I’ve decided to take …

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