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The Multiverse – Episode #11: “Fixing the End Game (Plus Gold Selling)”

Hey Gang, We’re over our first big hump and coming back to you with Episode #11 of The Multiverse: MMO Radio. See that? I used our tag line. I always find using tag lines a little awkward, don’t you? Ah well. This week, we jump in and talk about buying gold, alternative advancement, and why …

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Breaking Free of the End-Game

Unlike a lot of gamers, I really like to level. Questing is fun and seeing that golden ring light up around you character as you ding is satisfying like nothing else I’ve experienced to date. Heck, I liked leveling up before I even knew what questing was. Each new ding was a mark of power. …

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Do we have a right to our characters?

I listened to the latest episode of Shut Up, We’re Talking last night and an interesting topic came up that’s too intriguing to pass on discussing. Generalizing will oversimplify the topic, so here’s a piece of the question that was asked, “is that effort [you put into your character] yours in any concrete way” and, …

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