Game By Night Bio:

Chris has been a gamer for as a long as he can remember. From the days of Atari: Fast Food and Nintendo Olympics, Chris has always enjoyed the thrill of interactive gaming.

Somewhere along the line, he decided that it’d be fun to write a blog about his hobby. His first attempt at this was an over ambitious MMO Madness. After a couple of months of trying to play every MMO under the sun, he decided that the undertaking had just been too much and shut it down.

Unable to be kept from writing, he soon began his next project Fires of War, which focused just on a single game: Warhammer Online. Even though he garnered more readers than he had in his first attempt, the game ultimately fell short of his expectations due to low activity during his key playtimes. Seeing his inability to continually write on something he no longer enjoyed, he opened the format to all MMO commentary and continued on for some months.

In the end, Fires of War wasn’t what he wanted and it left him at a loss. Should he shut the blog down and walk away? If he did, what would he tell the muse that kept poking him to write?

The answer to this question came in the very website you find yourself on today: an open format, gaming and more blog. Here, he has the chance to write on whatever interests him, point his readers to things he’d like to share, and do things right from the start, instead of changing to make up for a “one-game” or “one-genre” format. Game By Night officially began in 2009.

Personal Bio:

In his real life, Chris is 25 years old and lives with his wife and two cats in rural New York. He’s finished out the Childhood Education program at a local university and is currently finishing the last year of his Master’s work. During the week, Chris is a substitute teacher at several local school districts.

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