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A Time Traveler Returns From 2013

Well, wasn’t that an interesting trip. Excuse me while I dust off the time-o-copter. Yes, yes, you’d think simple blades wouldn’t collect so much dust but, well, it’s not like they get used for much, anyhow. So, you’re probably wondering, “what’s 2013 like, Time-O?” and I’m here to tell you. Barack Obama, you say? No, …

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Will Cataclysm Last Long Enough?

Heading into the weekend, I like to leave us with a bit of speculation to mull over. Everyone’s excited for Cataclysm, right? It’s Blizzard’s most ambitious expansion yet and plans to reshape to legacy game we’ve come to know so well. It’s also planning on adding five extra levels to the end game and launch …

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What’s the deal Cryptic?

What’s with the silence Cryptic? I’m not much of a super-hero fan but Champions Online had me intrigued. No, not because it’s a new AAA MMO but because it’s a new AAA MMO for my console. I love PC games, I do, but there’s something appealing about the idea of becoming engrossed in a game …

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