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March: Feels Like November, Doesn’t It? [3DS, DA2, ETC.]

Update: Well, looks like PSOM was wrong. L.A. Noire just announced a May release date. Wow, March is fast approaching and it feels like November. We have some very big things approaching: Rift, Dragon Age 2, L.A. Noire, and, of course, the 3DS. Let’s see…that’s, what, about $400+ in goodies to buy? I don’t think …

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Gamepro Slip-Up – 3DS to Cost $300?

Sometimes I love how delightfully oblivious my local grocery store is to magazine dates. They put out this month’s Gamepro a little bit early (I took this about four days ago — forgot to post it) and there’s a yet unannouced detail included in one of the articles. Have a look: There’s two possibilities. The …

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Cataclysm Cutbacks, My Thoughts and Hopes for E3, and Gaming Keyboards

I’ve been pretty busy managing games, work, and hardware upgrades this past week, so I’ve been a little behind on the news. Sorry for the lack of Monday update, but there’s a few big things I’d like to touch on, so let’s get started. Cataclysm Cutbacks Path of the Titans represented one of the most …

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