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The Beta Philosophy Behind Rift

As my interest in Rift has been growing, I’ve become much more curious on the creative minds behind Rift. Even if you don’t buy the concept (and why wouldn’t you?), you have to appreciate the sheer amount of experience this team brings to the table. So, last night I Googled Scott Hartsman Studio GM and …

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Let’s Stop With the Secrecy

While listening to the latest episode of The Instance today, I got to thinking about how secretive the video game industry is. There are always hidden features, little selling points, that they dangle in front of us in a seemingly endless stream. The release of new information is always extremely controlled. I swear, some of …

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Done with Aion China and other ruminations

I decided today that I won’t be logging in again to the Chinese version of Aion Online. The game is a lot of fun, taken for what it is, but I’ve still decided to take a step back. The main reason for this is that the American release is looming ever nearer. I have a …

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