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The horror of dismissing in space [SWTOR]

It was on the way to an unknown planet that I, your host, killed my entire crew! I must confess a certain, softness in my trepidation before doing it, but then, I only meant to penalize the oneĀ for being so mopey. I would have freed you Khem Val, my ol’ buddy, if only you’d given …

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SWTOR: Impressions and _Impressions_


Like most of the MMO world, I’ve spent the last week knee-deep in The Old Republic. Talk about a good game. Single player? You bet, more than any other MMO I’ve played. Featuring more group content than our other darling child, RIFT? Without a doubt. And isn’t that something? We can have the most exclusive …

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EA-Bioware: Intentionally leaving you out

I’m going to share a thought that may sound like a conspiracy theory but so be it. I think that EA-Bioware is intentionally making the early access process slower than it needs to be. Full disclaimer: No, I’m not in the game yet, but yes, I fully understand and, as a matter of fact, endorse …

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The Multiverse – Episode #19 – “In Defense of Gold Buying (and the Point of MMOs)”

Afternoon, gang! Another week, another Multiverse. This episode we discuss the week’s new (LotRO going F2P, MMOs have no point, and more) as well as tackle a very on topic discussion: what is the point of MMOs and what keeps us coming back. Later, Ferrel and I debate about buying gold in MMOs. He thinks …

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How we pay is pretty much up to Bioware


SW:TOR is an important game. Not only is it the next entry in a long list of Star Wars titles, but its even got non-MMO players eager to log in. It’s lofty aspirations for full voicing and deep, mutable, story aim to shape the genre and push it into the next generation of development. If …

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