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WoW Back When: 133 Hours to Level 33


Last night I logged into my favorite MUD and was surprised to see that I had logged over 400 hours on one character. I shouldn’t have been surprised, not with how much I played that game, but going back into a text-based world really accentuated how much my tastes have evolved. I spent 400 hours …

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Episode 6 – Good Luck, Scott Hartsman!

Hello again, MMO Radio friends! We’re happy to return again for Episode 6 this week as we wish one of our absolute favorite MMO developers, Scott Hartsman, a fond farewell and good luck as he parts ways with Trion Worlds. Most probably recognize Scott as the Executive Producer of RIFT, but we look all the way …

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[WoW] Once More at the Level Cap: Looking Back at 85-90


Well, I’ve made it again and I am once more at the level cap in World of Warcraft. It took me longer this time than probably any one of their expansions to date, but I’m glad I made it. It may not have happened, in all honesty — I’d already tried and given up once …

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Blizzard: Money drunk and sense dry


Tell me what’s wrong with this picture. You go to a digital store-front to buy a game. You put in your credit card number and are promptly charged $60. Six hours later your game is downloaded, installed, and ready to go. It’s a dungeon crawler, so you crawl some dungeons, level up a bit and …

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So are those tourists equal yet?

Here’s a thought I had this morning. No one really argued that WoW Tourists existed. Now that they’ve been “touring” for a handful of years, are they still tourists? Have they made the leap from WoW player to MMO player or are they still the stereotype we thrust upon them when WoW was at its …

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Blizzard Changing the Game Again?

I was reading Kotaku a couple weeks ago and came across an interesting article about the upcoming Cross-Server Raid Finder in World of Warcraft. This is big news, why aren’t bloggers talking about it?! I read that article and I couldn’t help feeling like this might be WoW’s last big game-changing move in the MMO …

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The Multiverse – Season 02 Episode 08 – “Milk Them Mode”

Hey Gang, It’s been an interesting set of weeks and we thank you for sticking with us and awaiting this episode! Adam and I have our travel behind us, so we came together Saturday to talk about the utter WEALTH of MMO news that’s cropped up this last month. On the docket today: RIFT’s state …

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This Isn’t a Sign They’re Scrambling? [WoW]

So not to be a cynic, but how is this anything other than Blizzard admitting that they’ve gone as far as they can go. That’s it. WoW has peaked and the next year will solidify its decline into its Golden Years. That is the exact message I take from this. I mean, think about it. …

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Cataclysm Raiding – First Impressions


As I mentioned in my last WoW-centric post, I started up a raid team with the K&G community guild, Happy Fun Guyz. We had our first real raid weekend between Friday and Saturday and hit two of the three main raids. Between those two and my time in Baradin Hold today, I have a total …

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Myths and Misconceptions – A Tank’s Perspective


I’ve mentioned more than once that I’m a tank. But what I might have forgot to include is that I didn’t always want to be one — once I realized what it involved. Theoretically, tanking is what it’s all about. Throughout the entire solo game, you’re  a tank, regardless of your class. You’re up front, …

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