Okay Ahune, You Can Take Five

I have a freakish adoration of holiday bosses. Maybe it’s their loot pinata nature. Or maybe it’s the fact that you can only fight them a few days out of the year. Either way, when I heard that the Midsummer Fire Festival was on in WoW, I made a mental promise that I’d get to 80 in time to run Ahune.

As it turns out, you don’t need to be 80. I logged in last night with the sole focus of making my way to 79. I even bought an Unholy dual spec to speed up my kills. Imagine my delight when I saw that the LFD tool now included the Ahune fight! No trash or anything, you just port in right before the boss. Good stuff!

My group was as eager as I was. They had the first elite down before I was done putting my tank gear on. Then, the fight pretty much turned into a Frost DK’s worst nightmare. Imagine, a series of fights where every single mob is immune to your tanking skills! For the next five minutes, I was running around throwing Blood Boil and Blood Strike on a bunch of mobs that probably didn’t have blood in the first place.

But, ever resourceful, my group didn’t need no stinkin’ tank. They handled the non-elite mobs like troopers and while Ahune tossed out the random ice spike. Before I knew it, we were attacking his frozen insides and… it was done. Over. Like that.

All in all, the fight took under 10 minutes, required no tank, and handed out ilevel 235 gear. The first cloak to drop was for spell casters.

Hey guys, I asked. How many times can you do this a day?

It’s unlimited! The rogue answered. I’ve ran it at least 20 times today alone trying to get the AP cloak.

Reeeeaally? I quickly said goodbye and re-queued. Being the horrible tank I am (at least here) I instantly got another group. Wham, Bam, Thank You Frost Lord, and ten minutes later I’m holding the tanking cloak. Cha-ching.

But, as I reflect on this, I feel a little bad for Ahune. I mean, the first time I fought him, it was pretty epic. There was some challenge in it; you had to be on your game. This year, though, he’s little more than a roadblock to loot. Even his ice spikes do so little damage that they can be, and are, safely ignored by everyone in the party.

At this point, I have to wonder, is there much point in even having a boss fight? I mean, I appreciate theme and setting as much as the next guy, but this encounter is the single easiest to ever be put in the game. Hogger kills more level 10s than Ahune does 80s. Really Blizzard, why not mail out gifts to players and save them the time?

It’s all really empty talk. I’d prefer a fight, even an easy one, over getting gear handed to me any day. But, without any real challenge, the reward starts to feel pretty cheap.

Meh’, tank on Tanking Cloak! I shall sport thee with pride (and a little bit of shame).

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