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What are Games Worth?


Syl recently published an excellent post asking how we defined the value of our video games. Her discussion was drawn from Episode 30 of our Game On podcast. Our conversation there stemmed from the recent supporter packs offered for Trove by Trion Worlds. The general consensus was that, be it Trove, Star Citizen, or any …

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MMO Radio Ep 4 – Without Pants

Hello again, podcast faithful! It’s another week and we’re happy to present you with another episode of MMO Radio. We’re pleased to be joined by our friend, guild mate, and blogger colleague, Grimnir, to talk about Big Picture mode and the upcoming “Steam Box” code named Piston. Will this shift in Valve’s focus open up …

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MMO Radio Episode Two – A War Z Blunder

We’re back again with Episode #2 of MMO Radio: A War Z Blunder. This week we talk about one of the year’s biggest controversies in The War Z. Is it a shameless cash grab? A copycat of Day Z? Absolutely, but it’s also pretty funny if a little frustrating. Plus, if it’s big enough news …

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Please, Don’t Buy The War Z


    I don’t usually do this but I’m going to plead with you, please do not buy The War Z. All of the terrible things you’ve heard are true. I previewed the game a while back for Hooked Gamers when it was still in “alpha state.” I was pretty kind to it. You look …

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My Experimental Interview with Trion and The Electric Steam Sale Experiment

BeatHazard 2011-06-22 21-53-23-10

Happy Friday, folks. Today looks to be a beautiful day going into a great weekend. I’m a bit excited for tomorrow, actually. I’ll be doing a special podcast with the community team at Trion. What makes that even more exciting – or nerve-wracking – is that I’m going to be doing an experimental episode with …

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A Sucker for a Bargain

Have you ever found yourself uttering words similar to these? “Whoa, take a look at the price for this game! I can’t pass that up! Sure I have a lot of other games to play right now, but I’m positive I’ll get to this one eventually.” So you buy it. And then you never play …

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