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Appreciating My Fellow Bloggers


Today, I’d like to change things up a little bit and express my gratitude towards fellow bloggers that I read regularly. They consistently produce content that is enjoyable to read and from positions of experience, maturity, or at the very least, humor and intrigue. I don’t comment a lot (I read on my iPhone) but …

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Want to see a bunch of guys getting left behind?

Then head over here. Leaving all comments on agreeing or disagreeing with (some of) the sentiments Syncaine shares aside, I was left with the distinct feeling that this is the type of player that  the MMO industry is forcing out.  And I’m not talking about just Syncaine here, just to be clear, but he represents …

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Rift: Looking to the Future After Beta 2

The second beta event for Rift is finished and lots was learned from it. I was lucky enough to take part and, well, I’m excited for the NDA to drop. By the way, I checked and since Trion was asking people to status-update their being in-game, I think it’s okay to say that much (I …

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Exchanging Server Communities For Game Communities

Green Armadillo had an interesting post up yesterday where he discusses the coming battlegroup merges in WoW. He points out that it’s another step closer to global servers and I couldn’t agree more. One of the cons he mentions, amongst several others, has to do with server communities becoming less meaningful.  My first reaction similar …

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I Appreciate Mythic Entertainment

But, it was not to be. Here’s the thing though, it had very little to do with the actual game and more to do with when I could play. Scenarios and open world PVP were fun. I loved them. The only issue was, as a daytime player, I would find myself waiting 2+ hours to …

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Check out Kalibre Online’s latest giveaway!

Hey Guys, Just a quick update for today. I wanted to point you all over to Kalibre Online. Bilingue is doing some awesome things with his site. Just today, he has an interview up with Lacanoz from SK Gaming of WoW fame. If you’re interested in arena, PvP, or just some interesting perspectives on the …

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The quiet key to the WoW trap


I’ve talked before about my back and forth relationship with World of Warcraft. At times, I’ve felt like I’d always be playing it and, at others, like I’d never go back. When I think back to the first time I left, I realize that leaving was the hardest part. Not just because of the uncertainty …

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