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Appreciating My Fellow Bloggers

Today, I’d like to change things up a little bit and express my gratitude towards fellow bloggers that I read regularly. They consistently produce content that is enjoyable to read and from positions of experience, maturity, or at the very least, humor and intrigue. I don’t comment a lot (I read on my iPhone) but these writers have provided me with countless hours of entertainment. Thank you all for enriching my day! I will include a link to their latest post so you can see what they’re writing on recently. (I was going to write a brief blurb about each of them, but I realized this post would become much too long).

If you find anyone below that you haven’t read before, stop over and give them a shot; they’re worth the time. I will be reviewing my blogroll over this week to make sure everyone below is on there. Hopefully I’ll find my way onto all of theirs at some point, but that’s the thing with blogrolls: they’re easy to forget about! If you have a website that’s not included here and you think it should be, let me know in a comment or email. I’m always looking for good reading material!

Without further ado, here is my List of Great Bloggers:

2 Fat NerdsIs It New Year’s Already? No? Well Here Are a Few Training Programs to Check Out!
Anjin in ExileThe Resurrection of TSR?
Ardwulf’s LairWell, That Only Took Five Years
Ark’s ArkEQ2: A New Way to Pay. Krono Go Live.
Bio BreakThe Secret World: To Hell and Back
Blue KaeDishonored
Contains Moderate Peril (and podcast!) – Bree Graphical Update
Dragonchasers Planetside 2 Launch Day
Dub’s DiatribeCh-Ch-Ch-Changes
ECTmmoRIFT: Housing and Levels
Elder GamePre-Alpha 3’s Death Penalties
Hardcore CasualOccupy Endgame
Heartless Gamer2012 Black Friday Gaming Deals
Hunter’s InsightThe Pros and Cons of One Time Only
HypercriticismGet Your Gameplay Out of My Story!
I Have Touched The SkyAnother NaNoWriMo, Another Year Without a Book Written
Inventory FullBattle Plans: GW2
Keen and GraevGW2 Ascended Gear, a Step In The Right Direction
Kill Ten RatsEmphasis and Reviews and [GW2] Happy Dragon Hour
LevelCapped Greed Monger: An Update
MMO Gamer ChickHow Do You Feel About One-Time-Only Events?
MMOQuestsWhat Else Is There to Do? #WurmOnline
Nil’s BlogIf Money Doesn’t Make You Happy…
No Prisoners, No Mercy (and podcast!) – Release the Karkans!
Player Versus DeveloperIs the SWTOR Credit Cap Killing Unlock Resales?
Professor Beej10 of The Most Moving Moments in Gaming History
Psychochild’s Blog A Look At Guild Wars 2
Raging Monkeys [GW2] Of Lost Shores and Found Hopes
Scary Worlds#ESO: A Look at Elder Scrolls Online Bullshit
SoulriftAfter a Week In The Legion
Stabbed Up EVE: Why Players Can’t Fix Null Sec
Starseeker’s SanctuaryRIFT: My Home Within a Home
Stylish CorpseA Little Light Reading
The Ancient Gaming NoobEverquest Forecast – Today Rain of Fear, Tomorrow Cloudy?
The Brainy Gamer The Wreckage and The Way Out
The Nosy GamerHolding Pattern
The Psychology of Video GamesThe Walking Dead, Mirror Neurons, and Empathy
Tish Tosh Tesh More Music
Tobold’s MMORPG BlogWhat Exactly Did You Give That Money For?
We Fly SpitfiresIs MMO Combat Really That Bad?
Welcome to SpinksvilleKickstarter, Older Games, and The Packaging Up of Gaming Nostalgia
West KaranaEQ2: A Wish For Wings That Work


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  1. Wilhelm Arcturus

    Thank you in return! You are clearly in my RSS reader! (Do I get to say “First!” now?)

  2. Brian 'Psychochild' Green

    Aw, thanks for the shout out!

    Just a note for next time: I accept appreciation in the form of cash, or checks with 2 valid forms of ID. 😉

    Okay, seriously, always happy to hear someone say nice things. I don’t post often (and certainly not as much as Syp of Wilhelm Arcturus), but I try to keep things high quality. And, really, it’s the community aspects that keep me blogging.

  3. Chris "Syeric" Coke

    You’re welcome, guys! Thanks for all the entertainment 😀

  4. Nicilie

    Great list of sites! I’m always looking for more awesome blogs to read. Thank you for sharing (shout-out to Stargrace, where I found this link!).

    Also, there is a nice new site you might enjoy reading at http://www.serversaredown.com. Hope you see you there!

  5. xXJayeDuBXx

    Hey, thanks for the shout out! And thanks for the list!

  6. C Paterson

    Hi there 🙂
    I too like to read blogs and am going to go right through your list! I also have one, maybe you’d like to wander over sometime. – it’s been going nearly a year now, and I do it because it’s fun! Now then, I’m gonnae make a start on that juicy list! Thank you !

  7. Chris

    Thank you guys for stopping by and pointing me towards your sites! I am adding them to my reader and blogroll now 🙂

  8. Liore

    I was just saying to myself, “Self, you need some new blogs for the feedreader” and here’s this post! Very useful, thanks. 🙂

  9. rowan

    Hey, thanks for the shout out and the list. I was just catching up on my own blog reading, hence the late comment. 🙂
    rowan recently posted..My MMO History, Updated

  10. Ysharros

    So it only took me a month to see this pingback /blush

    Thanks! <3

  11. Lee

    Fine way of telling, and good post to obtain data about my presentation subject,
    which i am going to deliver in academy.
    Lee recently posted..Lee

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