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MMO Radio: Episode 09 – “Wildstar 2013: Lovely, Lovely Pigeons”

Adam is out this week gettin’ hitched, so Gavin Townsley and I hold down the fort! Thankfully, it was a big news week with Wildstar being confirmed for 2013! We break down why this game is worth paying attention to, even for someone like me who tries not to attend! What? I don’t like spoiling …

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Nostalgia and the Super Nintendo

With FFXIV launching tomorrow, I haven’t had much desire to play other MMOs. I’ve spent a little time working on Book 7 in LotRO but knowing that I’ll soon be have a new “main game” somehow makes the experience feel empty. With the blogosphere raging over the great nostalgia debate of 2010 (also known as …

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Vertically Challenged May Not Be So Bad.


With Chris being gone and the readers of Game By Night at the mercy of whomever stops in and posts, I have decided to make my move and subject you all to yet another rambling from the dark recesses of my skull.  God Speed readers. Recently, I have been reading a lot of posts about …

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Let Me Die Already.


One of the many things that makes life so interesting is risk.  Whether it is an investment, a proposal, or just jumping off a bridge with a giant rubber band attached to your leg, it is risk that makes the blood start pumping.  For me, risk can be associated with some of the best and …

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First Impressions: MAG (PS3 MMO – yes, it’s actually an MMO)

It's to CoD and Battlefield what Fallen Earth is to WoW

MAG is an interesting game. It’s part MMO, part RPG, and three parts FPS. It’s also the only game of it’s kind on the market, which makes it immediately interesting to a huge swath of players, myself included. I was able to playtest it for a few hours today and went from being disappointed to …

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Enough with this WoW Clone crap

I’ve heard this thought echoed across the internet for months now and it’s getting a little old. Aion Online is not a “WoW Clone.” By repeating that little bleet, all you’re doing is proclaiming your ignorance of what the game is even about. What is it that makes a game a clone of WoW anyways? …

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Before there was WoW, there were MUDs

Depending on which definition you read, MUD stands for either Multi-User-Domain or Dungeon. Their origins go back to 1976 when Adventure which was programmed on a computer likely running with a Dorito processor. This was a dungeons and dragons themed (D&D) text based game where users played by entering commands into the game to perform …

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