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Appreciating My Fellow Bloggers


Today, I’d like to change things up a little bit and express my gratitude towards fellow bloggers that I read regularly. They consistently produce content that is enjoyable to read and from positions of experience, maturity, or at the very least, humor and intrigue. I don’t comment a lot (I read on my iPhone) but …

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The Worst and Deadliest Spy [Deus Ex]

If I had no arms, I'd look that good too. Exercise has got to be easy when you can just program yourself to do set after set until you're ripped. ON: Crunch like hell. OFF: Kiegels.

I got into the PC gaming scene late. As a result, I missed a big chunk of classic games. Deus Ex was one of these. When Human Revolution started advertising, I pretty much wrote it off as another Square Enix non-RPG. (Their history isn’t very good in this regard). Without knowing anything of the franchise’s …

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