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Updated Expectations for FFXIV

With open beta registrations still wholly in the dark, I’ve been stalking FFXIV Core all day waiting for an update. Though Square has pretty much said “hold tight” and little else, I’ve found reading the boards to be especially interesting. Up until today,  they were largely dominated by the very optimistic but very uninitiated Final …

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FFXIV: Excitements, Concerns, and Beta Problems

After a brief delay, the FFXIV open beta is back on. I’m usually steer clear of betas, but I’ve been following this game too long not to try it out. It’d be like having to look at a new toy for three weeks before playing with it. So, around ten o’clock last night, I started …

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Fishing in FFXIV – FINALLY Fishing Done Right

It may sound silly, but one of the first things I got excited about when I decided to try WoW was the fishing. As a kid, I grew up with an outdoorsman father. We’d go out fishing together in real life, and then I’d come home and while away the hours with any of the …

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