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Chat’s Not Dead (It’s Just on Time Out)

Wolfshead’s latest post talks about the failing state of chat in MMOs today. Like all of his posts, it’s an enjoyable read and is delivered with all of the experience and eloquence we’ve come to expect from him. In it, he postulates that the current silence dominating 5-mans is an early indicator of MMOs losing …

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The Games We Play (or Why I’ve Enjoyed Gearscore)

As readers of my Lagwar column will know, my death knight recently hit level 80. I topped out with a low 2k gear score, some tanking skills, and enough defense to jump right into heroics. Even so, the late addition ICC 5-mans were still beyond me, so I had some work to do. In the …

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The last refuges of elitism

As people, I think we’re prone to judgment of one another. I mean, think about it, we judge people all the time. In the supermarket, at school, at work, we’re prone to appraising our fellow man. It’s not always in the snouty, look down your nose, kind of way. If for nothing else, we do …

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