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LotRO: She’s Kind of Like THAT Ex, Isn’t She?

I’m returning from my mini blog-cation to bring you this sexy, sexy post. Now, back to that shadowy corner by the fire… Take a look at the banner up top. See that burly guy talking about zombies or some such? That, my friends, is a dear old friend of mine born from the lands of …

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What’s In A Main?

Grumpy Dorf of Raging Monkeys raised an interesting question recently: what goes into a main character? It’s deceptively simple, really, and I’ve never really thought about it much until now. After reading through the post, however, I couldn’t help but question myself. There is certainly more to each it than which character I happen to …

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New Races are Bad Content

I think I might be missing something, crew. I simply don’t see why adding new races makes for an exciting expansion pack. This isn’t specific to WoW, either. This applies to every game that’s ever added a new race as a selling point for a new product. What is it about adding a new skin, …

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