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The End of (Character) Privacy

I have a question for you all: how differently would you act if everyone suddenly knew your whole list of characters; if every forum post, every item loot, every auction listing could suddenly be tracked  back to you? If you’re like me, in that you are you no matter WHAT skin you wear, the answer …

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What’s In A Main?

Grumpy Dorf of Raging Monkeys raised an interesting question recently: what goes into a main character? It’s deceptively simple, really, and I’ve never really thought about it much until now. After reading through the post, however, I couldn’t help but question myself. There is certainly more to each it than which character I happen to …

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Why WoW is like an old Shoe

That might sound derogatory, but I promise it’s not. As I mentioned a while back, I re-upped my subscription to WoW for this month. My re-entry into the game has been a bit hap-hazard, I’m afriad. My original plan was to work on my Death Knight and pull him the rest of the way to …

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