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Thoughts on the Goblin Starting Zone

After I got done with the character creator last night, I spent an hour or so exploring the Goblin starting zone. I’m playing my Ben Stiller mage and got up to level 5 before logging off. Bear this in mind as we go on. I titled this post “Goblin Starting Zone” instead of “Goblin Starting …

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Ben Stiller Invades World of Warcraft: Cataclysm!

Okay, so I decided to roll a goblin late last night. As I’m going through the character creator something strikes me: I can’t be the only one that sees this. Hah, happy Monday, folks!

Two Cataclysm Beta Videos

Hi Guys, Short post for now. I finished up the Worgen introduction and was surprised to find that it got even better. At one point, you’re blasting at dozens of enemies with a cannon. Ones that get too close get blown backwards. The introduction is by far the best I’ve played in an MMO. I’m …

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Thoughts on the Worgen Starting Experience

I had a chance to login to the Cataclysm beta early this morning. Since a reader asked to see the Worgen Rogue stealth animation, I decided to go that route and roll alliance. I’m most of the way through it and I’m very impressed. Here are some of the things that stood out to me: …

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Cataclysm Cutbacks, My Thoughts and Hopes for E3, and Gaming Keyboards

I’ve been pretty busy managing games, work, and hardware upgrades this past week, so I’ve been a little behind on the news. Sorry for the lack of Monday update, but there’s a few big things I’d like to touch on, so let’s get started. Cataclysm Cutbacks Path of the Titans represented one of the most …

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The Case for the Hero Class

I’ve been gone from World of Warcraft for some time, but, since returning, I’ve found myself reminded why I fell in love with WoW: the dungeons. Tonight, it was Violet Hold. Though exceptionally quiet (not a word spoke until the final boss was downed), it was a good run; quick and easy. I was able …

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Re-subbing to WoW and Cataclysm Plans

The Problem I’ve been torn these past couple of days on which direction I should take my MMOing. I’ve been having a lot of fun in LotRO recently so I don’t plan on leaving it out to dry. Still, for some reason I go through periods of drought in that game. If my fun level …

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On PuGs and Progression in WoW

Word on the street has it that Blizzard is planning some big changes for the WoW raiding game come Cataclysm.  The current plan, as I understand it, is that 10 and 25 man raids will now drop the same gear. There’s a little more to it, so here’s the bullet list from MMO Champion: 10-Man …

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The Multiverse – Episode #14: Guest Starring: Cindy

Hey Guys, We’re back with another episode of The Multiverse. This brings us up to, dare I say, episode fifty seven thousand, one hundred and twenty eight? Yeah, that’s about right. Anyhow, this week we’re pleased to be joined by Cindy from the MMO Voices podcast and the Dream Bytes blog. We have a great …

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Will Cataclysm Last Long Enough?

Heading into the weekend, I like to leave us with a bit of speculation to mull over. Everyone’s excited for Cataclysm, right? It’s Blizzard’s most ambitious expansion yet and plans to reshape to legacy game we’ve come to know so well. It’s also planning on adding five extra levels to the end game and launch …

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