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Why MMOs Need Exclusive Content

One of the biggest trends to sweep MMO gaming is accessibility. It’s all about making sure everyone can do everything now. Yet, I think there’s a difference between the two. Accessible does not mean that everyone can do everything. Rather, it means that everyone has the reasonable opportunity to try. There’s a difference there, but …

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Don’t Blame Blizzard for a Stagnant Industry

In one of the most poignant and well written posts on the topic I’ve seen, Wolfshead blames Blizzard for the stagnation that’s he sees as plaguing the MMO industry. He has a lot of good reasons why he feels this way, not the least of which being that they’ve done very little to advance the …

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On PuGs and Progression in WoW

Word on the street has it that Blizzard is planning some big changes for the WoW raiding game come Cataclysm.  The current plan, as I understand it, is that 10 and 25 man raids will now drop the same gear. There’s a little more to it, so here’s the bullet list from MMO Champion: 10-Man …

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