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Thoughts on the Goblin Starting Zone

After I got done with the character creator last night, I spent an hour or so exploring the Goblin starting zone. I’m playing my Ben Stiller mage and got up to level 5 before logging off. Bear this in mind as we go on. I titled this post “Goblin Starting Zone” instead of “Goblin Starting …

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Thoughts on the Worgen Starting Experience

I had a chance to login to the Cataclysm beta early this morning. Since a reader asked to see the Worgen Rogue stealth animation, I decided to go that route and roll alliance. I’m most of the way through it and I’m very impressed. Here are some of the things that stood out to me: …

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Re-subbing to WoW and Cataclysm Plans

The Problem I’ve been torn these past couple of days on which direction I should take my MMOing. I’ve been having a lot of fun in LotRO recently so I don’t plan on leaving it out to dry. Still, for some reason I go through periods of drought in that game. If my fun level …

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