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Re-subbing to WoW and Cataclysm Plans

The Problem

I’ve been torn these past couple of days on which direction I should take my MMOing. I’ve been having a lot of fun in LotRO recently so I don’t plan on leaving it out to dry. Still, for some reason I go through periods of drought in that game. If my fun level could be graphed, it would be filled with more peaks and valleys than Thousand Needles. I don’t know why, I just accept it.

But that leaves me Barren (get it? Barren? Tee-hee.) during those lows. Recently, I’ve taken to recording new guitar tracks or spending some time with my PS3, but, as I’ve long known, without an MMO to actively progress in, I feel a certain void in my gaming life.

The Solution

So, today I’m biting the bullet and re-upping my subscription to WoW for a month.

When I last left off, I was having fun with my 75 Death Knight tank leveling up and running random dungeons. I didn’t leave because I got bored playing him, it was more a matter of magnetism. I got pulled away by another game and eventually, my attraction to WoW wore off and I was free.

Like many of you though, I’ve given up on this idea of “quitting” WoW. One does not simply “quit” WoW. WoW will pick you up, throw you through the grinder until you’re salting your meat in your own tears, but you do not “quit” WoW. You break; leave, say some things you’ll later regret (when you come back), and eventually look back at it like the love that got away.

The Future

I’m not under any disillusions that I’ll be staying for the long term (until Cataclysm). To be quite honest, I don’t know how long this run will go period, since most of my friends play LotRO these days.

I’m also not leveling any unreasonable expectations. Let me tell you a little story. I got into WoW after a certain friend gushed to me about it a little under four years ago. This friend was a chronic sufferer of altaholism, however, and only recently made it to the level cap. He ran dungeons, geared up, and even got into a pick-up raid or two.

Except, then he started to see the side of the game only level 80’s get to see. The dungeon farming, gearscore rejection in PuRs (my cat loves that expression), and, unfortunately, he also got to see how truly limiting a low pop. server can be. The only guilds he could find that wanted to raid wouldn’t take him because he didn’t have the requisite experience.

So, he left and went to LotRO, where he could begin again… until he hits that upper wall again. We were talking yesterday and he surprised me when he said, “WoW has really gone downhill.”

It really hasn’t. WoW is the same game it always was. Once you get to the level cap, you start the “other” game. The “real” game, if you will. And it’s not without it’s own limitations and rewards.

I understand that WoW will still be the same game it has always been. Arcade-y gameplay, little RPG in the MMORPG, and one of the most polished and well done MMOs ever conceived. But, like all things, I know it won’t satisfy me forever.

So I go in with this goal: get my DK to 80 and get him geared enough for Cataclysm. I love tanking (I never thought I’d say that) and I want to do it when the expansion launches. Since we only have another six months or so, now is the time to go in and finish what I started.

Plans for Cataclysm

As you can probably tell from the goals I’ve set and my timing, I’m not planning on being active until Cataclysm launches. I’ll probably be done far beforehand. And I’m okay with that because, when we do finally get it, I plan on taking in every square inch of the new Azeroth.

I’m leveling up a goblin hunter. I wanted to roll a druid but, unfortunately, I can’t. At some point, I’m sure I’ll roll a Worgen anyways, so that will give me my opportunity. For now though, I’m tired of playing Alliance. All of my characters for the last two years have been alliance and it’s all gotten to be a little bit old hat.

It’s funny though. The reason I’m playing Alliance in the first place is because it was the answer to my first period of burnout. Switching factions showed me one thing, if nothing else: changing sides breathes new life into a dying game.

And it’s all by virtue of faction exclusivity. There are things you can see on the trip 1-60 for both factions that are far removed from what the other faction gets to see. So, for that reason alone, I hope they don’t apply their neutralist quest philosophy to the Cataclysm expansion; it would be like taking a jackhammer to half of the game’s lifespan.

Anyways, this was a long and rambly post to get to the core point that I’m coming home for a visit. You know though, I’ve always found it difficult to be original when it comes to writing about WoW, so maybe it’s an ill advised decision. What do you think, dear reader, ready to join me back in Azeroth?

See you there.


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  1. Larísa

    Oh I loved this description:

    “One does not simply “quit” WoW. WoW will pick you up, throw you through the grinder until you’re salting your meat in your own tears, but you do not “quit” WoW. You break; leave, say some things you’ll later regret (when you come back), and eventually look back at it like the love that got away.”

    I haven’t even tried breaking up yet myself, but I can vividly imagine the pain of it.
    Welcome back to the game though! You can’t really get enough of WoW bloggers, can you? I assure you there’s always something to write about. I’ve been doing this for + 2 years and + 500 posts by now and still going strong.

    I’m really looking forward to see your wow-related posts. Finally something I can relate to (since wow is the only game I play).

    1. Chris "Syeric" Coke

      Thanks Larisa!

      I’m looking forward to getting back in again. I’m going to try PvP’ing more this go around. When I was playing my mage, I felt too much like a glass cannon. As a DK, I’ll be able to take part in some melee-the-clothies goodness. Plus, I’ll get XP! I’m really looking forward to that part.

      Hopefully, I’ll have a good part of tomorrow when I’m done with my term paper to get reacquainted 🙂

  2. Dickie

    I’m with you on LOTRO. I go through periods of about 1.5 months of solid play, then a month off, rinse and repeat. Not sure why, but that’s just how the game grabs me.

  3. Yogi

    I am in the same boat. Except I ,regretfully, uninstalled the game during a self righteous fit of moving on. Going to take me a day to get it caught up and patched again. That alone has kept me from subbing up again. I will most likely here in the next month. I want to give AoC a shot before I pay for another sub though. I’ll be working on my priest most likely. That and running heroics to get the few sets of BoA gear I don’t have ready for the expansion. Ive covered the cloth and melee based leather sets. Need to get the druid leather and plate sets ready just in case I start thinking of leveling a warrior or druid healer again. My Holydin days are behind me though. If I am going to play in Cataclysm, I need something new.

    If you are going horde and open to something west coast, I can get you in a decent casual guild with some friendly vent active players. Eventually I will be there and can help you with your leveling process.

    1. Chris

      You know, I was thinking of doing that too, but I decided against it. I love the leveling game and I think I’m going to try to draw it out when Cataclysm comes around.

      What server were you talking about? I rolled a character on Emerald Dream, which is West Coast (I think). That was the first server I played on and I’m thinking about going back and trying to find the first RP guild I ever joined. Not for the RP but to catch up with old friends.

  4. Professer

    Nope. I quit WoW for ever. I have been tempted, but stayed strong and never gave back in. I have grown as a gamer and WoW is much to shallow of a game to satisfy my MMO needs.

    Now I play uber-hardcore PvP MMOS (Darkfall). To me there is nothing better than rolling up one some one farming some money/gear, slaughtering them, and taking all of their gear and loot with me. Leaving them with all their time wasted, other than some skill gains they might have gotten, only for them to respawn at their bindstone naked with a leafblade.

    Good Stuff. WoW could never satisfy me in a way that Darkfall does.

    1. Chris

      Hah, you know, that totally reminds me of something a PKer friend once said, back in our MUD days:

      “I love the fact that I can make someone halfway across the world punch their keyboard in frustration.”

      Darkfall is right there in that same vein. I love the full loot too, but DF is a game that really shines when you have people to play with. The last time I came back, I did it on my own and felt how much was missing playing that way. Still, I’ll probably be back again someday 🙂

  5. Yogi

    Im on the Server Crushridge. May not be your cup of tea but thought I would offer. If you ever make a toon there just let me know and you will have a guild. LOL going to be funny hoping in vent after being gone so long and saying, “Hey… this is my friend, invite him NAO!”

    Oh the perks of being an offline officer 😀

  6. Maxivik

    I appreciated the “Don’t stand in the fire”

    1. Maxivik

      mmm move that post to your podcast, but since this is a wow related thread its applicable too..

      A bunch of us are trying to decide if we are going to go back for Cataclysm…. we shall see. As much as I want to see the reworking of old content, I don’t know if I want to do that to Ellie (we will be married when Cata comes out) again =P

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