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Want to see a bunch of guys getting left behind?

Then head over here. Leaving all comments on agreeing or disagreeing with (some of) the sentiments Syncaine shares aside, I was left with the distinct feeling that this is the type of player that  the MMO industry is forcing out.  And I’m not talking about just Syncaine here, just to be clear, but he represents …

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Nostalgia and the Super Nintendo

With FFXIV launching tomorrow, I haven’t had much desire to play other MMOs. I’ve spent a little time working on Book 7 in LotRO but knowing that I’ll soon be have a new “main game” somehow makes the experience feel empty. With the blogosphere raging over the great nostalgia debate of 2010 (also known as …

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Retrospective: What We’ve Left Behind With Progress

In the last 10 years, we’ve come a long way as a genre. Sometimes, I feel a little bit spoiled, like I ate the whole damn cake, when all I asked for was a cookie. Or, maybe I’ve turned into the Cookie Monster, and want the whole friggin’ plate. The point is, the things we …

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