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Check out Kalibre Online’s latest giveaway!

Hey Guys,

Just a quick update for today. I wanted to point you all over to Kalibre Online. Bilingue is doing some awesome things with his site. Just today, he has an interview up with Lacanoz from SK Gaming of WoW fame. If you’re interested in arena, PvP, or just some interesting perspectives on the game, give it a look. His other pieces cover pretty much everything a gamer would be interested in for today’s media, so I stop by all the time.

He’s always offered us (this site, and The Multiverse) a lot of support, so I’m happy to point you to his latest giveaway too. In honor of all the movie talk going on since Avatar, he wants to give you a pair of movie tickets. All you have to do is subscribe to his feed and send him your Oscar predictions. Easy enough.

As a blogger, he’s always impressed me with his dedication to not only developing his own site, but also in growing and fostering the community we have here. If you haven’t stopped by yet, add Kalibre Online to your feed reader, enjoy some quality content, and win some stuff. I did mention there’s a giveaway every month, right?

Keep it up, Bilingue!


  1. KalibreOnline -Games, Life and Ent

    Thank you so much for the link love 🙂 I am still waiting for that Multiverse banner. I would like to add that I would be honored to have other podcast in the “podcast blogroll” that I am trying to do.

  2. Chris "Syeric" Coke

    Ah, crap. Sorry man. The banner slipped my mind. I’ve been really busy this weekend with school/work stuff. I’ll whip one up now for you 🙂

  3. Ferrel

    (Unrelated yet semi-humorous comment)

    Help help! Chris is pretending to be me and posting all his updates as me!
    I call shenanigans!

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