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Steam Link/Controller – The Couch MMO Solution?


Oh, hello there! It’s been a while! No, I’m not dead or lost, just inundated with work and parenting (like many of you!). That said, there’s always time for a game or two, right? Which brings me to this point: It’s hard to play MMOs with little kids in the house! These days, I find …

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Shifting Review Scores


If you pay any attention to the mainstream gaming press, you’ve probably heard about the mess that is Battlefield 4. Ever since the game released on next-gen consoles, there has been a constant crap-storm of commentary: How could DICE release a game in this state? It’s not worth buying! Go get your money back! All of this underlined …

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What are Games Worth?


Syl recently published an excellent post asking how we defined the value of our video games. Her discussion was drawn from Episode 30 of our Game On podcast. Our conversation there stemmed from the recent supporter packs offered for Trove by Trion Worlds. The general consensus was that, be it Trove, Star Citizen, or any …

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Hear Us On No Prisoners, No Mercy! (And Around the Web!)

Happy Monday, everybody! As a lot of you know, I do some writing elsewhere on the web and also do a podcast called MMO Radio. I don’t update here whenever my work appears online since it’s usually dedicated to whatever venue I happen to be writing or recording for. That said, I’d love it if …

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Every Game is a 3-Monther


Update: Added a bit to my paragraph on subscription games to clarify the point I was trying to make. Keen also has a fair response that acts as a good counter-point. A while back, Keen coined the term “3-monther” in regards to MMOs. It’s apt and pretty darn descriptive of how MMOs players tend to …

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Why GW2 Won’t Replace My Other MMO

Since Guild Wars 2 first began powering up the hype train, people have been claiming that it would revolutionize the MMO genre and replace the games that came before it. Nobody wants to play with yesterday’s toy after all (just ask Slinky). I’m here to tell you that, no, Guild Wars 2 will not be …

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RIFT: Oh yeah, housing is coming too!

I found this video from GDC on RIFT Junkies today. It’s a good find that elaborates on how Storm Legion will deliver player and guild housing. Essentially, instead of purchasing specially created “houses” and instead allowing players and guilds to purchase larger areas called “dimensions.” This are popular areas in the game, like quest hubs, …

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Rewind: Should MMOs be Made From Books?

The following post was originally published on September 15th, 2009. It’s an intriguing topic, in my opinion, especially so with LotRO becoming more popular and titles like SW:TOR filling up our gaming horizons. What do you think, should MMOs be made from books and existing IPs or is there more value in creating a new …

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The Multiverse – Episode #7: “MMO Divorce”

Hey Everyone, We’re back at it again, with Episode 7 of The Multiverse. This week, we talk about RMT, where MMOs are headed, and whether or not Global Agenda and MAG are really MMOs. We also talk a little bit about Final Fantasy 14, the outbreak of nude mining in Mortal Online, and Lego Universe. …

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MMORPGS: Adult Playgrounds

When an elementary teacher gets certified, it’s done with the understanding that they’ve been taught how to teach the four key subject areas: math, science, social studies, and language. Bear with me here, because it gets around to games. When the time came for me to tackle my Methods in Science course, one of the …

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