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The Multiverse – Episode #27: “The More Things Change…”

Hi Everybody, Busy show this week! We were joined again by Gavin for the Flex Your Geek and MMO Voices podcasts, so thanks again to him for tagging along and keeping us in line. This week’s topics include: The Michael Jackson MMO – Will Bubbles live to see the morning? MMO Anniversaries – Three in …

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The Multiverse – Episode #7: “MMO Divorce”

Hey Everyone, We’re back at it again, with Episode 7 of The Multiverse. This week, we talk about RMT, where MMOs are headed, and whether or not Global Agenda and MAG are really MMOs. We also talk a little bit about Final Fantasy 14, the outbreak of nude mining in Mortal Online, and Lego Universe. …

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First Impressions: MAG (PS3 MMO – yes, it’s actually an MMO)

MAG is an interesting game. It’s part MMO, part RPG, and three parts FPS. It’s also the only game of it’s kind on the market, which makes it immediately interesting to a huge swath of players, myself included. I was able to playtest it for a few hours today and went from being disappointed to …

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