The Multiverse – Episode #7: “MMO Divorce”

Hey Everyone,

We’re back at it again, with Episode 7 of The Multiverse. This week, we talk about RMT, where MMOs are headed, and whether or not Global Agenda and MAG are really MMOs. We also talk a little bit about Final Fantasy 14, the outbreak of nude mining in Mortal Online, and Lego Universe.

Riknas couldn’t join us this week since he was taking a vacation with family. Rest up, Riknas! You’re due back this Friday to record the first episode of our new weekly show!

That’s right, starting this week, we’re going to be recording every week. We really enjoy putting this thing on, so it’s a natural move for us. Going forward, we’re interested in expanding the show even more and doing some live stuff. Stay tuned for more.

Here are the the notes for today’s show:

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Listen Here: [audio: http://vagary.tv/multiverse/episodes/multiverse07.mp3]

Show Notes: Multiverse #7

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