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Shifting Review Scores


If you pay any attention to the mainstream gaming press, you’ve probably heard about the mess that is Battlefield 4. Ever since the game released on next-gen consoles, there has been a constant crap-storm of commentary: How could DICE release a game in this state? It’s not worth buying! Go get your money back! All of this underlined …

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Updates and Upcomings; SimCity Owners: Grab Your Free Game From EA

I apologize for the recent quiet, readers, but it’s for good reasons, I promise. Most prominently is that I’ve been kicking up my writing across the internet. You can find more from me at Hooked Gamers, Vagary.TV, and most recently MMORPG.com than ever before. My grad work also wants more from me than ever before, …

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Persona 4 Golden Review (PS Vita)


Persona 4 Golden hits you like a ton of bricks. Here on the Playstation Vita, the best handheld nobody bothered to market, is a game that’s not just fantastic for appearing on a portable,  but that’s a victory for video games in general. That you can take Persona on the go is just icing on the cake. …

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The Worst and Deadliest Spy [Deus Ex]

If I had no arms, I'd look that good too. Exercise has got to be easy when you can just program yourself to do set after set until you're ripped. ON: Crunch like hell. OFF: Kiegels.

I got into the PC gaming scene late. As a result, I missed a big chunk of classic games. Deus Ex was one of these. When Human Revolution started advertising, I pretty much wrote it off as another Square Enix non-RPG. (Their history isn’t very good in this regard). Without knowing anything of the franchise’s …

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First Impressions: Split/Second (PS3)

Since I’ve been piecing together my new and improved rig the past couple of days, I thought I’d take a minute and recommend to you a game that I’ve been in fallen in love with: Split/Second. Now, before I go on, let me make a disclaimer and say that I’m not a fan of racing …

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God of War III: I’ve hit another milestone in my gaming career

Ladies and Gentlemen, without exaggeration, I’ve just witnessed the single most epic video game sequence in my life. I’m talking about the opening to the third installment in the God of War franchise: the final, culminating, game. I’m coming into this thing as newb as they come, having only spent around an hour with the …

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First Impressions: Dragon Age: Origins (Xbox 360 Version)

My plans for a midnight pick up didn’t quite work out but I was able to snag my copy this morning, just before noon. I eagerly brought it home, applied my codes and downloaded the included bonus content. I even decided to spring for the Warden’s Keep DLC. It’s worth noting that, even though the …

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Champions and the rest: just go for it


Let me ask you a question. Have you ever been excited for a game and let a review talk you out of buying it? If your answer is yes, let me encourage you to throw that hesitancy to the wind and go for it. Don’t let someone else’s opinion of the game ruin it for …

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