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Hear Us On No Prisoners, No Mercy! (And Around the Web!)

Happy Monday, everybody! As a lot of you know, I do some writing elsewhere on the web and also do a podcast called MMO Radio. I don’t update here whenever my work appears online since it’s usually dedicated to whatever venue I happen to be writing or recording for. That said, I’d love it if …

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Ripped from the Headlines – 5/13/10

A funny thing has happened to me lately, I’ve stopped using my PSP to play video games. Instead, I use it to cruise my Google Reader before bed. All told, I have something like 92 subscriptions I follow regularly. As you can imagine, between the likes of Kotaku and the word-bank that is our blogging …

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Mystery Science Theatre, but for Video Games

The Escapist is one of my favorite websites and it’s for reasons exactly like this. Uh, there’s an ominous glow at the door to see you. And if you’re over 18, here’s one for Dante’s Inferno. Oh, good. The breasts are safe.