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Why You Should Try Darkfall: Unholy Wars

Darkfall is the kind of game that scares new players away, but with the upcoming launch of Unholy Wars, I want to encourage you all to give it a shot. Now I know, I haven’t always been kind to the game, but Darkfall is something I truly feel all players – PvE and PvP alike …

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Someone finally killed me

Well, I knew it would eventually happen and a few days ago it actually did. Somebody ganked me in Darkfall. To sum up the day to that one event wouldn’t be fair though, since it was more exciting than most others I’ve had there since I resubbed. I started out in the Human city of …

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Exploration: may you rest in piece

I had a lot of fun when I played WoW seriously. Coming from a history steeped in MUDs, the idea that I could run and meet any object I saw on the horizon was extraordinary. The prospect of actually being able to climb up a mountain is something a good friend of mine was giddy …

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