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Avoiding the Fun

For the first time in probably three months, I tanked an expert dungeon in RIFT last night. It really wasn’t because I felt like being the stalwart defender or guardian against the night or even leader. No, the real reason is that if I didn’t I might have given up on RIFT entirely. I go …

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Appreciating RIFT’s Single-Server (and Long) Dungeon Queue

I find groups in RIFT to be very tolerant. I think that’s probably because the queue to join those groups tends to be long in comparison to, say, WoW.  As I’m still gearing up towards 150 focus (a stat mainly available on T2 level gear and craftables), I find myself constantly in queue. At any …

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On the Freedom of Roles – and Why People Don’t Use It

As we move further and further from launch day, we’re really starting to see how things are shaking out with the community. This is happening in a lot of ways, but probably the biggest is with the soul system. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there are a lot of clerics about. Not many …

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