What’s the lasting appeal of Guild Wars?

I’m hoping someone can really answer this for me because I’m at a loss.

With more and more excitement building for Guild Wars too, dedicated Guild Wars fans are popping out of the woodwork. That’s great but what exactly does the game offer to the long term player?

I’ve tried to get into it several times and enjoyed each attempt, so there’s no snark in this post. Every time though, I was reminded that if you didn’t want to PvP, the game was pretty much static. Sure, there are three boxes and an expansion pack, but there’s no big patches bringing in new dungeons or things to do (holiday events, aside).

One of the defining characteristics about MMOs is that they’re ever changing. In a game like Guild Wars, it seems like, at this point, the PvE game would be long beat. After that, what’s there to keep you occupied? In this way, I’m always a little baffled when I hear from players that play GW, and have played, for some time.

I guess I’ve always looked at it more as a CORPG (cooperative online RPG) than an MMO. Don’t get me wrong, I love that concept. Except, I also love other single player RPGs and don’t find myself playing them once their beat.

Guild Wars 2 looks awesome but I don’t want to get excited expecting the game to be something it’s not. Can someone explain this for me?

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