The Multiverse – Season 02 Episode 06 – “Bone Dragons and Furry Things”

Hey Gang,

This episode was a blast to record! Both Adam and I feel that it’s our best one yet. In it, we discuss a multitude of things. Including:

  • The return of SOE! And why Adam and I disagree on the nature of Anonymous.
  • How expert dungeons have changed in RIFT and why you might be getting shortchanged. Oh… and the mini-event. Emphasis on mini.
  • Cryptic’s sell-off. The death of the “Cryptic Model of MMOs”.
  • Bone dragons and how they hell they reproduce. Bone dragons: the natural mate of the furry?

And remember, this podcast is endorsed by a guy I know, who knew a guy, who knew a guy, who once nodded cordially at a dude who helped make Diablo II.

Oh and pre-emptive apologize for me getting a little clippy at the end. I’m use a new recording set-up. Won’t happen again!

Enjoy the show!

Oh — and shoutouts to Player Vs Rift. Word to Casey.

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