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How Technology Has Changed Gaming Outside of the Home


It used to be that you would have to go to an arcade or some kind of gaming tournament if you were looking to have a video game-related experience outside of your home. Because if you didn’t decide to take on either of those options, you were basically stuck with playing against your friends and …

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Read my column at MMORPG.com!

Hi Guys, Brief PSA today to let you all know that I’m now writing a bi-weekly column at MMORPG.com. It’s called The Tourist, and every couple weeks I’ll be hopping into a new game and sharing my thoughts. This week I played a fat husky dog in TERA. I’m really excited to dig into this …

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Where Exactly Is Darkfall: Unholy Wars?


Like many of you, I’ve been waiting anxiously for Darkfall: Unholy Wars so I can finally sink my teeth into a good, old school fantasy MMO. For a while there, things looked promising. The game was slated to release in December but it was pushed back into the new year to address bugs and get …

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Where I’m at With RIFT; Cataclysm Coming to a Close; My PSP is Useful Again?!

... in freshly dyed armor.

Talk about radio silence! Sorry about that, guys. It’s been a busy week and time has been sucked away from me at every turn. Thankfully, it’s been mostly gaming doing that, since the schools were closed for mid-winter break in New York. I’ve used that vacation as it was intended, to relax and veg out …

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Adult Themes in MMOs – Selling Point or Limiting Factor?

Psychochild has an interesting article up this morning dealing with the problems of sex in MMOs. Essentially, it boils down to America not being ready to accept sex out in the open; we’re too prudish to accept and express our sexuality, so any game emphasizing it is destined to fail. I wouldn’t argue with this, …

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FFXIV Just Scared a Lot of People Off (Recommended Requirements)

Word on the recommended system requirements for Final Fantasy 14 (dropping Sept. 30th) has been spreading like wildfire across the internet today. Here’s a direct link to the source, but I’ll repost it here: The following PC specifications are required to run the game smoothly with our stipulated in-game settings. Window Size and Display Mode …

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The Multiverse – Episode #9: “Guest Starring: Syp”

Happy Monday, folks! To help you start your week off right, we bring you Episode 9 of The Multiverse and, in my opinion, our best episode yet. We were joined by Syp, from Bio Break (Sypiest. Episode. Ever!) and had a good time talking all things MMORPG. Join us this week for a interview with …

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Did we give up on the “next-gen” MMO?

Think back with me a couple of years. Do you remember hearing this term? “Next-Gen,” a phrase that even to the ear rings of progression and advancement. The first time I heard it used was in relation to Vanguard. People were excited, because it set out to push the industry into another era of MMORPGs. …

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Odds and Ends

It’s been a few days since my last post, so I thought I’d stop in and give you a quick update. My wife has this week off for the holidays, so we’re spending a lot of time together, not leaving much for gaming or blogging. That doesn’t mean nothing’s been happening, however. For example, we …

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How to fix in-game events

Or, “Why in-game events don’t do it for me.” Enjoy! I’m not one of these guys that rails against in-game events. But, really, they don’t do much for me. Granted, I’ll usually poke my nose around and see what’s going on, but after a quest or two, and sometimes less, I’m out. Usually, I don’t …

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