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MMO Radio: Episode 5 – The Fall of F2P?

Guest starring: Sister Julie and Sister Fran from No Prisoners, No Mercy! Is a 5th episode an anniversary? Not quite, but it’s certainly a special one. This week we’re pleased to be joined by Sister Fran and Sister Julie of the No Prisoners, No Mercy podcast. It was an absolute pleasure to have them on, …

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Adult Themes in MMOs – Selling Point or Limiting Factor?

Psychochild has an interesting article up this morning dealing with the problems of sex in MMOs. Essentially, it boils down to America not being ready to accept sex out in the open; we’re too prudish to accept and express our sexuality, so any game emphasizing it is destined to fail. I wouldn’t argue with this, …

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The Multiverse – Episode #9: “Guest Starring: Syp”

Happy Monday, folks! To help you start your week off right, we bring you Episode 9 of The Multiverse and, in my opinion, our best episode yet. We were joined by Syp, from Bio Break (Sypiest. Episode. Ever!) and had a good time talking all things MMORPG. Join us this week for a interview with …

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Come on, we’re overreacting about Allod’s

I’ve waited a few days to voice my opinion on the Allod’s Online issue, really, because I was hoping the issue would resolve itself. Instead, it’s snowballed into one of the biggest controversy’s we’ve had in the last year. After reading the masses of posts, some in favor, some against, I have to toss my …

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What I’m Playing: January 2010


I’m a very touch and go gamer, so a lot of times I find myself forgetting which games I’ve played, how fair of a shot I gave them, and how I felt walking away. So, as we forward through the new year, I thought it might be a good idea to chronicle my gaming. Here’s …

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