The Multiverse – Episode #9: “Guest Starring: Syp”



Happy Monday, folks!

To help you start your week off right, we bring you Episode 9 of The Multiverse and, in my opinion, our best episode yet. We were joined by Syp, from Bio Break (Sypiest. Episode. Ever!) and had a good time talking all things MMORPG.

Join us this week for a interview with Syp, as well as our short-term and long-term predictions for the future of MMORPGs. Of course, we also talk about the week’s news (*cough* Allod’s *cough*) and have some fun discussing games and movies past.

We also change things up a little bit and turn Ferrel’s Guild Tip of the Week into Uncle Ferrel’s Story Hour. By request! See, you can’t say we don’t listen. 🙂

Here are the notes for today’s show:

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Listen here: [audio: http://vagary.tv/multiverse/episodes/multiverse09.mp3]

Show Notes – 2/26/10 – “Guest Starring: Syp”

  • Intro

    • Welcome, intro Syp, what’s been up this past week?

    • What have we been playing?

  • News

    • Rumor: Final Fantasy 11 Closing – Has since been debunked.

    • LotRO Volume I Update

    • Allod’s Online – The Cash Shop is a Lie

  • Round Table

    • Topic I: Syp: The Interview

    • Topic II: The Future of MMOs: Our Predictions

  • Host Segments

  • Close

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