Where I’m at With RIFT; Cataclysm Coming to a Close; My PSP is Useful Again?!

... in freshly dyed armor.

Talk about radio silence! Sorry about that, guys. It’s been a busy week and time has been sucked away from me at every turn. Thankfully, it’s been mostly gaming doing that, since the schools were closed for mid-winter break in New York. I’ve used that vacation as it was intended, to relax and veg out in front of my computer.

So, RIFT. It launched. Just about everyone has commented on the queues, so I won’t go there. What I will comment on is this: this has been, bar none, the smoothest launch of any major MMO I’ve seen post-WoW. Lag has been non-existent on my server and performance has been top notch. As I was playing, I didn’t even consider the lack of lag until a good two hours in. I had to stop myself and note just how much further RIFT really feels than being in headstart. This is, no hype included, the new pinnacle for where an MMO should be at launch.

Okay, I will comment on queues. I wasn’t going to, but I will, and just to say this: please stop complaining about them. I’ve heard people deride Trion about it multiple times and it’s all a bit silly. Honestly, I’ve played every major release in the last four years and every… single… one of them had queues. It’s a fact of launch. You should be worried if there AREN’T queues. Now, that being said, I sat in one for four hours yesterday. That’s not cool and is almost certainly a result of the big miss-step of not releasing server names until two days before. It reminds me of the expression, “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” If you’re not logging in earlier than you actually want to play at this point… As long as you’re able to, that is.

Moving on…

I made a Cleric to capitalize on their all-aroundiness. Open Beta really showed me how much fun healing can be, so I wanted a strong option there, while also being able to tank. I wound up going Purifier/Druid/Cabalist with Cabalist being my main spec. Purifier is mainly for some light off-healing and instances and rifts. Cabalist is turning out to be a blast, however, since they have some great nukes with inherent AoE. In dungeons, I start off nuking with my druid bombs and then switch off to cabal when the tank has threat. Right now, I’m level 17 and falling behind the rest of my guild. I’m pretty much used to that, though, so I don’t mind.

Speaking of my guild, Immortal Council has been flourishing. My co-host, Jeremy, on Rift Watchers is the leader and we’ve had an enormous response — over 100 applicants within 2 days of head start! Everyone is forming groups, talking in vent, and really putting in the extra effort to make this guild a fun place to hang out.  What’s more, and this is noteworthy, the amount of complaining is almost non-existent. In just about every new MMO I’ve played, new players go through the honeymoon-normal-annoyed-unsubbed pattern pretty quick. Everyone’ s been hitting it pretty hard (we have many players over level 30 and into the 40s already) and no one is hitting that wall we’ve found in other games. It’s really pretty enthusing.

Aside: I’m being pulled lots of different ways for the first time ever. There are two other guilds I plan on rolling with — Ferrel’s and Keen’s — but I’m hoping everyone understands I have an obligation to make the RW guild my priority. After all, it wouldn’t be very nice for me to help invite everyone over and then leave them! 😉

Last night I got into Iron Tombs for the first time. How neat! I loved how atmospheric the place was. For being a first dungeon, it was no cakewalk either! I mean, we did well since the group was made of veteran MMO players. Still, fights were more than than tank-and-spank and even the in-betweens could be a little tough (ghosts and orbs, I’m looking at you!). It was a blast, though, and one of the most fun-and-fresh dungeon runs I’ve had in a long time.

Okay, more than just RIFT for this post. NEXT up…

Cataclysm. I think I’m pretty much done. Not because of RIFT, per se, but more because I’ve found myself at a point where I’m only logging in to raid. I’m hesitant to call it quits, however, because the Happy Fun Guyz are really an excellent group to play with. I’d honestly miss a lot of the people there (shout outs to Evalisa, Blarg, Alphaah, and Kotton). Still, I’ve been putting some serious thought into how much fun I’m having if I can’t bring myself to log in. The reward stream has slowed to a trickle and with it my motivation has dried up. Stay tuned for updates.

Lastly, my PSP. I’m using it again! Well, I’ve always used it for late night RSS reading (I don’t have a smartphone yet), but I’m actually using it for games again! Someone finally came up with a way to run emulators and ROMs without hacking the console and putting on custom firmware. I am finding it so satisfying to play some of my old favorite SNES and GBA games again. I put a good two hours into Metroid: Fusion today and it’s like stepping into the past. Those games were so good and really captured something modern games don’t have. I can’t link to any of the stuff here on how to do it, but if you’d like to know how to get ROMs running on your PSP without any modifications, shoot me an email.

Anyways, that’s been this past week. Oh, and Assassin’s Creed 2. Gotta love that.

I’ll have more to talk about this week now that vacation is done. That radio silence really is a downer.


  1. Green Armadillo

    The problem with the queues is less that Trion released the names “too late” and more that they released too few names. It doesn’t matter how many new servers you roll out after the fact, when people have already made their choices and their friends want to come and join them. Judging from my experiences on one of WoW’s launch day pre-announced servers, there is a real possibility that a handful of shards (including yours) will be feeling the effects of this underestimate for a long time coming.
    Green Armadillo recently posted..Rift At 20

  2. Maxivik

    “Cataclysm. I think I’m pretty much done. Not because of RIFT, per se, but more because I’ve found myself at a point where I’m only logging in to raid. I’m hesitant to call it quits, however, because the Happy Fun Guyz are really an excellent group to play with…..”

    That about sums up what true wow end game really is. What makes or breaks it is who you are playing with, if you like who you are playing with, then its worth it, if thats not enough the game just simply isn’t worth it. WoW, and maybe a few other MMOS that i’ve never played, are probably the only few games that you do something so that you don’t have to do it again. IE: Daily rep grinds/gear grinds/honor grinds/achievement grinds… If the people you play with aren’t able to keep you laughing and having fun, then the game isn’t worth playing…

    End game raiding is an interesting beast, you gotta like banging your head into walls for hours on end, just for the sake of doing so. It is a lot like computer programming, and is why many many many computer science students drop out after the first year. It seems like something awesome, and fun.. but really, it’s just banging your head into your keyboard until you happen to get the right code to come out. The idea of 1337 epics and downing bosses is great, until you have to consistently wipe on new bosses and wipe on old farmed bosses because joe schmoe decided to stand in the fire.

    You should note though, raiding gets a whole lot more fun as gear catches up after the launch of the expansion. When there is a bit more room for error in encounters, its a hell of a lot more fun. The joking and laughing and stupid wipes make it a lot more enjoyable when you know you out gear the encounter and its actually doable.

  3. Jomu

    sounds like you’re having fun!
    /agree with your comment about people complaining about the queues :)
    what server are you? planning to pick up the game today
    Jomu recently posted..Break yourself away from Rift

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