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  1. Vertically Challenged May Not Be So Bad. — September 8, 2010
  2. Let Me Die Already. — August 10, 2010
  3. Removing the Level Curve — July 30, 2010
  4. A Day for Memories. — July 4, 2010
  5. The Removal of Grind — June 23, 2010

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  1. Vertically Challenged May Not Be So Bad. — 7 comments
  2. SWTOR Companions. Love or Hate? — 5 comments
  3. Let Me Die Already. — 5 comments
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Vertically Challenged May Not Be So Bad.

With Chris being gone and the readers of Game By Night at the mercy of whomever stops in and posts, I have decided to make my move and subject you all to yet another rambling from the dark recesses of my skull.  God Speed readers. Recently, I have been reading a lot of posts about …

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Let Me Die Already.

One of the many things that makes life so interesting is risk.  Whether it is an investment, a proposal, or just jumping off a bridge with a giant rubber band attached to your leg, it is risk that makes the blood start pumping.  For me, risk can be associated with some of the best and …

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Removing the Level Curve

I like curves.  True Story.  Whether it comes to art, driving down roads, or pixel beauties that can dominate the world with destructive magic, it’s all good.  However, there is one curve that can begin to drive even me nuts: The Level Curve. One of the funny things about me is that I love to …

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A Day for Memories.

Well today is a day for celebration.  One where most Americans come together over BBQs full of various meats and veggies, eat and drink themselves into a food coma, all whilst blowing up anything that has a fuse.  This weekend we have family in town to help us blow things up, erm…celebrate the forth and …

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The Removal of Grind

As World of Warcraft and its player base age, the experience requirements for leveling have been dropped significantly.  With items such as BoA gear and experience requirements for levels being lowered, the leveling process is becoming less and less of a ‘chore’. This means more players getting to the end game faster, and I am …

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Emotions and Games

This Stormtrooper is so cute! Aww.  One of the things I really like about RPGs and MMOs is how the games pull on our emotions.  Anything from anger and frustration, to sadness and concern.  To me, one of the best ways to provide and immersible experience is to relate to players on levels that are …

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SWTOR Companions. Love or Hate?

It has been known for awhile that SWTOR will be utilizing companion characters to aid in a players story.  Visible shoulder angels and devils to help us decide or feel the consequences of our decisions a little more effectively.  While at first I saw them more as interactive pets, it seems that they will be …

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Living In Azeroth vs. Azeroth Living Here.

Hello Game By Night readers! My name is Gavin or as most of my fellow adventurers know me, Yogi.  Let me start by throwing out a thank you to Chris for letting me have the chance to terrify and bore his reader base.  It’s not very often that someone is willing to let others play …

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